Praise for a Nominee in Answer to Prayer

Over these many months, we have all declared our prayerful dependence upon the Father to raise up a leader to serve the purposes of God for this generation.  We rejoice that Brian Farone has answered God’s call, “Here am I Lord, send me.”  God has been gracious to us, answered our prayers in an extraordinary way, and demonstrated His powerful presence in the midst of our circumstances.

I am taking this opportunity to offer my enthusiastic commendation of Brian as the next Superintendent of the North Central District, pending confirmation at the district conference.  Each of us on the District Directional Team has interacted with Brian in various dimensions of EFCA National ministries, and all of us have a high regard for him as a gifted servant-leader raised up by God from within our movement.  We extend heartfelt appreciation to the search committee and our board of directors for their discernment and wisdom throughout the process.

Brian’s broad base of experience in a larger, well-staffed EFC district will provide him with many advantages as he transitions into his role here in the NCD.  I anticipate that Brian will assimilate DS responsibilities, and make significant contributions at the district (and national) level, likely in an accelerated manner due to coming from a similar, well-led ministry.  Let us not forget to acknowledge how God has uniquely prepared someone who possesses so many of the traits outlined in the superintendent profile created by NL Moore & Associates (thanks, Nancy and team!).

As an investor in and practitioner of district ministry for over 25 years of my life, I’m ‘bullish’ in my outlook for vital, gospel impact throughout our district and beyond due to Brian’s ability to complement the amazing staff God has assembled here in Minnesota.  My optimism includes optimal contributions on the part of each member of the district ministry team, in whom Brian has expressed confidence and a desire for ongoing teamwork.  I have a strong sense of anticipation and expectation of how our triune God will utilize every player on the roster because of how God has been refining each one, concurrent with this amazing process.

Please join me in praying and trusting the Good Shepherd for His guidance, protection, and provision for the entire team over several months of adjustment and forging ahead.  May it please Him and bring Him much glory to catalyze disciple-making ministries, outreach mobilization, and multiplication, as a result of synergy throughout the district, including the laborers and leaders of each local ministry team.  Glory be to God!