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Fall Teaching Conference 2021 Recap & Photos

Fall Teaching Conference 2021 Recap

The Fall Teaching Conference was held last week at Camp Shamineau.  Nick Perrin, president of TIU, was our speaker.  His messages focused on four “I am” sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of John:  I am … the bread, the light of the world, the good...

Welcoming Andrea Tyson to our NCD Staff!

  The North Central District has many women who serve in ministry leadership. We celebrate this, believing it to be an important expression of the EFCA’s gracious complementarian convictions.  Our district staff is committed to walk alongside these women,...
District Conference 2021 Recap

District Conference 2021 Recap

Our in-person conference was held at Camp Shamineau on May 18. This one-day conference provided a welcome opportunity to reconnect, worship together, welcome four new churches into the district (Cloquet, Farmington, Glencoe, Saginaw), and hear from Brian Farone.  He...

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