Missions Mobilization

Mission Team Reset November 2021

Dear Pastors and Mission Leaders, Greetings in Christ.  How is your mission team doing?  Do you need more members?  Do you even have a mission team?  Do you know the purpose for your mission team?  What are you supposed do to as a mission team?  Are you too busy with...

Lake Charles Crisis Response

Dear NCD Churches, There is a great opportunity for your church to partner with ReachGlobal crisis response in their hurricane efforts in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  Last fall, two hurricanes hit Lake Charles six weeks apart.  The first hurricane brought 150 mile hour...

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Dear Pastors and Mission Leaders, Greetings in Christ.  At the end of January, we held a Global Outreach Summit, where Mike Davis, the new ReachGlobal Director of Mobilization, led a workshop called “How Do We Support Our Missionaries?”  I really benefited from the...

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