Worldview is a buzzword today, but does our worldview really matter? Whether it’s secular materialism in Europe or animism in Africa, does the cultural worldview affect the church? Why do our missions projects fail to bring lasting change? And can we partner with the global church in a way that is truly sustainable?

In an exciting collaboration, EFCA / ReachGlobal and Disciple Nations Alliance are teaming up to present a Biblical Worldview Conference specifically for globally influential missions-minded pastors and ReachGlobal leadership.

“Jesus is King and His primary agenda is to advance the Kingdom of God by making disciples of all nations.
The key agent in this task is the local church, ministering wholistically and incarnationally,
and always operating intentionally from the biblical worldview.”
(Disciple Nations Alliance)

 As a church leader who is making a global difference, you are invited to:
Biblical Worldview Conference
the key to transformation
hosted by EFCA ReachGlobal

October 17-20, 2017
EFCA National Office
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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