Camp Shamineau’s mission is to share the gospel of Jesus with children and youth through relationships and fun camp experiences. Jeff Cueva experienced the impact of Shamnineau’s mission from almost every angle: as a camper, a counselor, and a program director. Now, Jeff is at the helm of conveying this mission as Camp Shamineau’s executive director. Congratulations Jeff Cueva on your camp journey that concluded at such an apt destination.  

We at the North Central District understand the importance of perseverance and consistency in ministry. Jeff’s participation in and leadership at Camp Shamineau readily demonstrates these vital qualities. We are excited for what GOD has in store for your next 40 years of involvement at Shamineau. We have high hopes that they will be even more fruitful and impactful as the previous 40 years. And while the NCD offers you a warm welcome to the Shamineau and the EFCA family, we are well aware that you have always been a member.  

What a testimony to the faithfulness of GOD to the ministry at Shamineau, that the answer to the prayers of the board of directors and so many others for a new executive director arose from within that very ministry. NCD family, the elder in 3rd John 4 writes that he has no greater joy than to know that his children are walking in the truth. Few things speak louder than our children walking in truth than their active engagement in the Heavenly Father’s Kingdom work. Jeff Cueva is a product of Camp Shamineau’s commitment to its mission. Let’s encourage the laborers at camp through our prayers, our participation in its ministries, and when able through our giving. Who knows, maybe our next executive director is a current trailblazer or tenderfoot.  

Camp Shamineau’s board and an introduction to Jeff can be found in a video here and a letter here.