Three Doors Toward Sexual Hope and Freedom

Cultural pressure and technological opportunity continue to make the temptation and battle of pornography ever more widespread, intense, and damaging.

In the face of that reality, the EFCA and the North Central District seek to cultivate a disciples-of-Jesus culture that is uncompromising in its biblical call to purity; practical in its offering of resources to help follow that call; and redemptive in its restoration of disciples who are sexually stumbling or addicted.

Here are three current resources, any one or more of which may be helpful to you or those to whom you minister.

  1. Project Purity. This is a long-standing, abiding resource that is available to pastors and ministry leaders. It is a confidential pathway to regaining sexual freedom and purity. It utilizes the confidential services of two professional Christian therapists. Find out more information here.
  2. Pure Desire University. An event coming to Minnesota next month, PD-U is a two-day conference designed to equip men, women, and students with an understanding of the factors that create and reinforce addictive sexual behavior. It also provides a comprehensive understanding and the tools required to develop a ministry to men, women, and students.  It will be held at Grace Church Eden Prairie, November 10-11. Find more information here.
  3. A letter in your mailbox. If you are a church ministry staff person, expect a letter in the mail later this month from a fellow NCD pastor who has experienced great sexual purity victories and has some hope-filled words for you, no matter your story.

In the fellowship of the NCD family, let’s keep helping each other, both in heart and in action, on the path of purity to which Jesus calls us and on which he walks with us.