Greetings in Christ. Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Marilyn Reedy, who is the English Second Language (ESL) leader with ReachGlobal. I wanted to find out what resources are available for local churches, who are interested in teaching English in ministry in order to share this helpful information. Here are three ESL opportunities to check out.


Online courses:  There are two on-line courses for local churches and for short-term teams.

  • Building Bridges with English: This is a four-week facilitated online course on how to teach English. It involves 4-6 hours a week of study.  It has discussion forums. The next course will be in September 2023. It is free for EFC churches.
  • Making Friends with English is a two-week course for people teaching at an English Language Camp. It has 4-6 hours of work per week, with this course students will start preparing lessons. Over the years 199 teams have been trained and have served in 30 countries. This course is also free for EFC churches.


Ministry Resources:  This is a free website, but to enter it, you will need to register. Confirmation of your registration will be in several days. There is a lot of ESL material here to look at.


ESL Curricula:

  • Adventures in English has recently been revised. This series has three books. A) Entry level. B) Multi level lesson levels 2-4. C) Reading and Conversation English book. This book also has teaching Bible lessons. Only the teacher needs the books and the materials can be photocopied for students. This is the most popular series of books for ESL.
  • Discovery in English is for year two. This has different stories and vocabulary from the Adventures in English.
  • Exploring English is for year three. This also has different stories and vocabulary.
  • Children’s Curriculum. This is for 6–10-year-olds. It can be used for an English Club or an ESL camp. The book is for the teacher.


For questions related specifically to your church, contact  Books can be ordered from Next Step Resources 800-444-2665,



Steve Austvold