Dear Pastors and Mission Leaders,

Greetings in Christ.  Kathy and I love to meet with church mission teams and hear what they are doing in their churches.  Some teams need help, some need direction, some need encouragement, some need to restart, and some are doing great.

This month I want to provide some questions to take back to your team as a time to reflect and assess this summer. Let us know how we can be of help to you!


  1. Are there certain missionaries that you support that you have not heard from recently? How can you connect with them?  Would a Zoom call work?  Send an annual survey to all your missionaries.  If you need a sample annual survey, let me know.


  1. Are your missionaries fully supported? Is your church praying for them?  Do they have ongoing financial concerns that your church can meet?  How can you bless your missionaries in 2022?


  1. How are you promoting missions in your church? Do your pastors and elders know who the missionaries are that your church supports?  Do you have a mission display?  Is it current with photos and information about your missionaries?


  1. How are you building your mission team? Will you have regular meetings once the school year begins?  Do you have fun together by sharing a meal or having a cookout? Are there some mission books that would benefit your mission team?


  1. What are your mission goals for the remainder of 2022? What would be considered a “win” for your church this year with missions? Is it supporting another missionary, sending out someone from your church, supporting a GlobalFingerprints child, joining a Crisis Response team or something else?


  1. What are the three top questions that your team would like to ask about missions? What mission questions would your team like answered this year?  Take some time to discuss.



Steve Austvold