Pornography Struggle: We Want to Keep You in Ministry

A major reason why pastors and church staff members who are struggling with pornography do not seek help is the fear of losing their job and livelihood. While there is, of course, an inherent tension between serving in ministry and stumbling with pornography, one of the ways to address that problem is by seeking help, getting help, and experiencing restored integrity and freedom while remaining in ministry. That is one of our aims in partnering with Pure Desire Ministries and the resources available through the Pure Desire Leaders program. As a district family we want to help each other follow Jesus in sexual purity. As district leaders we want to keep you in ministry if at all possible. If you are struggling with pornography, please reach out and avail yourself of the help available through Pure Desire Leaders. You can visit their website and contact them directly at or (503) 489-0230.  Or you can begin by asking a friend from the district to walk this journey with you as you prepare to reach out to Pure Desire. That could be a friend of your choice or Kelley Johnson, our director of pastoral care. We stand with you as a district family in supporting your journey back to purity and freedom.