The North Central Foundation officially launched at the 2022 District Conference at the end of April. We are excited to report the activity we have been seeing!

Initial gifts have been given to the foundation. Those along with the initial starting money have allowed 6 grants to be approved and funded to 5 different churches that totalled $55,000. These projects include church plant support, internship/pastoral residency funding, AV upgrades, minor facility renovations & updates, and help in adding new pastoral staff. Perhaps the best thing is the encouragement these churches and pastors feel when someone else outside their church recommend them for a grant. The increase in connectedness and family feeling among NCD churches who have been involved is palpable. We say we are better together, and the foundation is tangibly demonstrating and encouraging that.

While the foundation is young, we are greatly anticipating what God is going to continue to do. We are currently looking for more grant recommendations! As you continue to connect with individuals from other churches, we pray that God leads more grant recommendations to come forth. We would love to know what needs are present so we can consider how and if the North Central Foundation can play a tangible and supportive role.

We are praying for more funds to be given so we can continue to make grants. We have received some initial gifts for the foundation, and we need your support for the work of the foundation above any beyond regular giving to the district. We are working with the NCD staff and board to gather a leadership offering. In March, we will begin a new tradition of taking an annual offering at the NCD conference for the work of the foundation.

By God’s grace, we will be able to share more results of the work God is doing through the North Central Foundation in the coming months. Our plan is to create more regular communication with those who have given to the foundation so they can know how their gifts are being used. We will be intentional to communicate with those who have received grants so we can better understand the impact it has had on the individuals, church, and community. We want to be able to celebrate as a family the ways we are seeing God move amongst us.

In short, the North Central Foundation is off to a great start, and we are encouraged. But we want to see it grow and develop and do more – and we need the help of everyone in the NCD in order for that to happen.