NCD Resilient Ministry Cohort [Canceled]

***This year’s NCD Resilient Ministry Cohort has been canceled due to low registration.  Because we desire to help church leaders find long-term thriving in ministry, we are currently considering other, more accessible ways to incorporate the Resilient Ministry principles in the NCD.  Please contact Brian Farone with any questions or concerns regarding this change.

One of the common vision casting questions we ask in helping leaders look toward the future is, “Where do you see yourself in 15 years?”, and the optimistic response is always “… in active ministry somewhere.” But realization of this vision depends, like most things, on the decisions you make every day that help to set the course toward that desired outcome.  The NCD’s desire is to help those in vocational ministry reach that desired outcome, not just for 15 years, but for 20 and beyond.

To help with this, in 2019/20 the North Central District will launch our first Resilient Ministry Cohorts. The goal of the cohort is simple: To offer a chance for ministry leaders to grow together and build a supportive, encouraging network of like-minded leaders willing to join hands for ministry longevity. These cohorts are based on the book “Resilient Ministry: What Pastors Told Us About Surviving and Thriving,” and will be led by Dr. Donald Guthrie, one of the authors. In this book, Guthrie and his coauthors undertook a five-year, in-depth research project among working pastors, distilling wisdom of dozens who have been on the front lines of ministry. This resulted in the identification of five key themes that promote healthy, sustainable ministry that lasts.

During our time together, we will focus on the five themes of Resilient Ministry:

  • Spiritual Formation: Care and feeding of the soul.
  • Self-Care: Reasonable work hours, rest (sleep, Sabbath, sabbatical), exercise, diet, physical self-care
  • Emotional and Cultural Intelligence: Knowledge of self and those around, and the interactions of the two.
  • Marriage and Family: The role of family in the life of the pastor.
  • Leadership and Management: Leading adaptive and constructive change, and managing order and consistency in the church.

The NCD Resilient Ministry Cohort is for men and women in vocational ministry and their spouses if they are married. If you plan to survive and  thrive in ministry fifteen years from now and beyond, this is for YOU!

Over the three weekends, the cohort will outline each of the five themes and provide opportunities to discuss how to apply them in life and ministry. It is very important that you make a commitment to attend all three cohort gatherings.

The cohort dates are:

  • October 26/27, 2019
  • January 25/26,  2020
  • March 21/22, 2020

The cost for attending is $299 couples, $149 singles, and this includes materials and meals for all 3 cohorts. A limited number of scholarships are available if need.

Contact  Kelley Johnson or Brian Farone for more information.