Greetings in Christ. In January, ReachGlobal hosted a mission leadership network event. This event is for all key mission leaders in a local church and is worth considering attending next year. Several of the ReachGlobal leadership were at the conference. They did a great job explaining the vision of the mission. One of the ideas that was shared was how to write the ReachGlobal Framework on a napkin. Here is the message copied onto this page that includes their mission statement, their focus, values, and strategy.


Other highlights from the conference:

  • They have 48 new long-term missionary candidates. Their goal is 400 more in 10 years.
  • Most missionaries take 12-18 months to raise their support.
  • A sending church will often support their missionary at 20-25% of their needed support.
  • MENA Middle East North Africa has 23 staff now. They are looking for more workers.
  • More information on ReachGlobal here.



Steve Austvold