Dear Pastor and Mission Leaders,

Greetings in Christ.  Caring for missionaries is not talked about enough in my opinion.  How are they doing spiritually?  How are they doing living in their culture?  How are they doing with team relationships?  The questions could go on and on.  So how can you care for your missionary? The MC2 Midwest conference on missionary care is coming again in February.  This is a conference worth attending.

MC2:  Midwest Conference on Missionary Care:  This is the 13th Midwest Conference on Missionary Care.  The theme this year is “Living in the Tension Between Rest and Risk.”  Fact 1:  We are commanded to REST.  Fact 2:  We are commissioned to RISK.  Fact 3:  Facts 1 and 2 don’t seem to square with each other.  How do our cross-cultural workers reconcile today’s risks of spreading the gospel with the command to rest?  How can we help our cross-cultural servants engage both the command to rest and the commission to risk implicit in their ministries?  In perhaps no other time in history has it been so risky to minister to and spread the good news of the gospel to various parts of the world.  At the same time, cross-cultural servants worldwide are struggling with balancing the holy urge to work tirelessly toward fulfillment of the Great Commission with the biblical mandate to rest and rely on God to accomplish this great work. To be alert and to be productive, we must first rest! But do we really believe this?

Here are topics that will be covered this year:

  • Managing the Tension Between Risk and RestMi
  • Rest/Risk Breakout Sessions
  • Called to Rest, Called to Risk
  • Church Missionary Care 101 – For first time people looking for how to care for their missionaries.

This conference is sponsored by Minnesota Renewal Center.  It is considered the premier event for missionary care.  Mission pastors, mission teams are some of the 300 in attendance.  Special speakers are from Barnabas International and Velvet Ahses this year. Dates are February 15-16, 2019.  Costs are $75 including lunch and snacks. Registration deadline is February 4th.  Go to to register.  The conference will be at New Hope Church in New Hope, MN.

What if you didn’t hear about the conference in time to register or cannot attend?  MC2 has their past conferences from 2010 to 2018 with recorded sessions and material that you can listen to and read.

SEEK GOD FOR THE CITY 2019 booklets are also available now.  How about praying for your city and around the world?  This booklet allows you to pray for forty days up to Palm Sunday for March 6-April 14, 2019.  Different churches are using this booklet for their congregations.  Go to to order booklets.  Prices start at $3.00 a copy. They also have Spanish translations, a children’s version, and an app. Order a booklet and see how God might be calling you into deeper prayer this year.

Steve Austvold