Dear Pastors and Mission Leaders,
Greetings in Christ. September always comes quickly. It is time to meet again with your mission team. Here
are some topics to discuss this month with your mission team.

Crisis Response just started a giving account for the Maui fire. Help ReachGlobal Crisis Response share the love of Christ with those affected by the fires on Maui. Crisis Response staff and local leaders are assessing how best to respond to the needs at Maui. Join us as we lift up those affected by the wildfires:

  • May God provide peace and comfort for those who lost loved ones, homes, and businesses in the fires,
    and for the body of Christ to support them well.
  • May God grant wisdom and discernment in the partnership of Crisis Response, the Hawaii District of
    the EFCA and local churches.
  • May God raise up short-term and long-term solutions to emotional and spiritual needs as well as the
    physical needs of housing, meals, and relief distribution.
  • The goal is $100,000 in giving.

The new ReachGlobal Booklet that describes the ministry of each ReachGlobal team is now available for you to use and share. This booklet gives a broader view of ReachGlobal’s work in restrictive access countries than former versions of the booklet. You can also receive a printed copy by contacting Allina Shvedchikov, ReachGlobal Administrative Assistant.

Mike Davis shares how this booklet can be used:

  • Know the booklet personally. What’s in it? What’s new?
  • Ask your churches if they’ve seen the electronic version and the printed version. Every EFCA in
    the US should have the booklet by the end of July.
  • If you have an email address listed in the booklet, please respond to emails promptly. Being
    prompt conveys that we care, that we highly value one’s interest.
  • Share the link (could be email responses, signature line, and more). Typing ReachGlobal Booklet
    into your internet browser will bring it up as well. Try it!
  • Pray for workers! 2023 has been a GREAT year in terms of new long term (LT) staff.

Steve Austvold