Dear Pastors and Mission Leaders,
Greetings in Christ. From time to time there are different mission booklets that I like to recommend. It is time again to recommend these mission related booklets that you will find helpful for your mission team and hopefully, for your congregation. Please check these out.

Seek God for the City
Seek God for the City is yearly booklet for forty days from March 2nd to Palm Sunday, April 10th. What is great about this booklet is that it is focused on praying for your city. Each day there are OT and NT Scriptures to reference, plus a topic of prayer for the day. This could be to pray for schools, teachers, police, homeless, students, singles etc. The list goes on and on for 40 days. It is a great reminder of who lives in your city and who needs prayer. Each booklet is $3.00. They have quantity discounts, plus you can get an app for your phone. Order them here.  Our church orders these booklets for our church leadership and Global Outreach Team.

Here is what Waymakers says about the booklet:
“This edition of Seek God for the City is designed to re-ignite desires for Christ that may have gone dormant, so that our hope in Christ and His kingdom will rise again. These are prayers you don’t want to pray alone. Invite your whole congregation to pray along with you. Even better, think about joining your prayers with a few other churches in your community. The forty days to Palm Sunday makes an ideal time to venture into a season of sustained, hope-filled prayer. We are happy to offer a complimentary review copy to leaders in recognized positions of pastoral or prayer leadership for a limited time. Call us now at 800-264-5214.”

Thirty Days of Prayer for the Muslim World
It is time again to order this booklet. This is a great way to introduce your leadership and church on how to pray for Muslims during Ramadan on April 2nd to May 1st. Booklets are $3.00 each with quantity discounts. Our church orders them each year. Kids versions are available. Order them here.

Steve Austvold