Dear Pastors and Mission Leaders,

Greetings in Christ.  At the end of January, we held a Global Outreach Summit, where Mike Davis, the new ReachGlobal Director of Mobilization, led a workshop called “How Do We Support Our Missionaries?”  I really benefited from the exercise that he gave us to look back at when and how we learned about missions throughout our lives.

Looking back, what did you learn about missions during each of these time periods of your life?

  • Ages 0-9 years old?
  • 9-19?
  • 19-29?
  • 29-39?
  • 39-49?
  • 49-59?

It was a good exercise to do with a small group.  Most of us at the workshop were very limited on what we knew and remembered about missions from the early time periods, but many of us were impacted by missions as teenagers and as young adults.

This month, I’d challenge you all to do the same.  A good place to start is reflecting on what you’re communicating about missions in your church.  Ask yourself: Why do we do missions?  Who do we support as missionaries?  What can each person in our church do for mission involvement?  What gaps do we have?  How can we improve?

As always, continue to consider some good ways to connect with your missionaries.  Some answers from that day included Instagram, Facebook groups, phone calls.  Whichever method you choose, remember that connecting with your missionaries is an important piece of supporting them.


Steve Austvold, NCD Missions Mobilizer