Dear Pastors and Mission Leaders,

Greetings in Christ. In September, I was part of a two-day summit with the ReachGlobal CONNECT team. Their mission is to want to connect the local Evangelical Free church to the work of ReachGlobal. Here are some of the highlights from our two days of meetings –

Missionary Support: Today, churches provide about 20% of a missionary’s support. Usually, 1-5 churches support them. There are 48-50 new long-term missionaries joining ReachGlobal in 2023.

Ukraine Update:   (This information came from Steve Smeltzer, a Crisis Response worker with ReachGlobal.)

  • Their focus is on physical and mental disabilities. There is a lot of body and emotional trauma.
  • They continue to strengthen chaplain training. They are working on family reunification and trauma care counseling. A network is needed to help care for pastors.
  • They are talking about theological education with TEDS in a post war Ukraine.
  • They are asking, what is the future with churches between Russia and Ukraine? What does a healthy partnership look like.
  • Fifty percent of Ukrainian kids do not live in their own homes. There is trafficking on the border.
  • Most missionaries have left Ukraine.
  • Thousands of people are coming to Christ! There are 8-12 thousand evangelical churches in Ukraine.
  • They are not looking for church teams now. Maybe, church to church support in the future.

Interesting Facts:

  • Brussels & Madrid need ReachGlobal long-term staff. Their staff are retirement age. They are struggling to find long-term people to go. Parents are struggling to let their kids go.
  • In the Russian Federation less than ½ of 1% worship on Sunday.
  • A lack of mission emphasis in churches results in mission knowledge and giving being down.
  • 60-70% of people become ReachGlobal missionaries through personal contact.
  • Short-term missions are significantly down in the one-year to two-year programs.
  • There is significant growth of missionaries serving in Japan and in the Middle East.
  • There is significant growth in Bible Pathways. Here is where Pastors go short-term to teach for 1-2 weeks.
  • Quote of the week, “Tithe our children to missions.” A pastor told Steve Smeltzer this quote.  Another quote, “Tithe your career to missions.”

The mission partnership course is starting again. It runs for six weeks with four hours of work per week. The next course is October 16 – November 14th, 2023.  Contact


Steve Austvold