Greetings in Christ. December is a wonderful month to end the calendar year by caring for your missionaries and growing your mission team. How can you bless your missionaries and your mission team this month? Discuss with your mission team what you can do for your missionaries this month.

Blessing your Missionaries:

  • Send them a special personal Christmas gift this Christmas season. Find out what they might be lacking in needed support and send them an extra gift this month.
  • Send something for their children.
  • Send them a prepaid gift card so they can order a book this month online.

Caring for your mission team:
We rarely think about how we care for our mission team. Is there a book that they might like to read as a team? Is there a mission conference that they might consider attending?

Midwest Care Connexion:
This conference is in the Twin Cities on February 23-24th, 2024. Its focus is providing effective care to overseas cross-cultural servants and their families. The MC2 conference theme is Adapting Our Care of Increasingly Diverse Global Workers. The conference will be held at Calvary Church, Roseville, MN. Key speakers at this conference will be Dr. Mary Ho from All Nations International and Dr. Sammy Wanyonyi from Shine in the World Ministries. Some churches send their mission team to this conference. Registration is now open.

Book Recommendation:
Iran’s Great Awakening, How God is Using a Muslim Convert to Spark Revival by Dr. Hormoz Shariat. Joel Rosenberg calls him “The Billy Graham of Iran.” It is published by IranAliveMinistries.

Adding new Global Partners:
I have a recent list from ReachGlobal about several new pre-deployed missionary staff who are raising support. Let me know if you want to know who they are and if you are looking to add new global partners.

Steve Austvold