How to Give More Than Finances to Missionaries

In January, I attended the ReachGlobal mission pastor/mission leader conference for the first time. It was encouraging to listen to mission pastors share how they reach out to their missionaries and how they add value beyond finances. This month I want to share new ideas as there are a number of different ways that missionaries can feel valued by their sending church.

  • Make sure that your staff and elders knows who the missionaries are that your church supports.
  • Build a relationship between the congregation to your missionaries. See them as an extension of your church staff. Find ways to keep the congregation updated regularly on how to pray and support the missionaries.
  • Care about the about their mental health. Help them get healthy or stay healthy.
  • Be aware of their retirement concerns. Do they have enough funds for retirement?  When are they planning on retiring?
  • Provide them with technology help or computer help if they need it. Do they need funds for a new computer?
  • Send your church newsletter to your missionary.
  • When your missionaries come to visit your church, give them a tour of your city and community so they can get a better idea about your local mission field. If applicable, help parents get a date night.
  • Ask about when is a good time to come and visit your missionary. Go to learn and encourage. See it as a vision trip with a prayer and encouragement as it’s focus.


Steve Austvold