Sometimes, I am asked where I get my mission information. This information can be important for us to have so we can know how to pray, how to give support, or even to go.  For example, learning what is happening now in Afghanistan is important, so we know how to pray.  Here are some sites that I look at:

Mission Network News:  This is a daily site with three topics per day.  Very current and helpful to know how to respond.  

Open Doors:  Ministry to persecuted Christians. They have a newsletter you can sign up for. 

Presence Magazine by Open Doors.  This magazine is published six times a year highlighting one region of the world at a time.   

Voice of the Martyrs:  Ministry to persecuted Christians.  

The Weekly Roundup:  This is a detailed weekly email listing all the major events going on around the world.  Very good and very detailed with some longer articles.  It is edited by Justin Long.

World Magazine:  They have excellent articles, especially on the Middle East.   

SAT-7:  This ministry works in the Middle East.  

Native American Information:  They have great information about local tribes. 

Postings:  You can sign up for the Mission Mobilizer Newsletter –  

ReachGlobal Mission News:  This is an email to a point person in your church.  Very good for mission ideas.  ReachGlobal Point Person 

Your supported missionaries:  Be sure and read their letters. 

Blessings,  Steve Austvold