This month I want to focus on GlobalFingerprints, a child sponsorship program through the EFCA.  Exciting things are happening that you will want to know about. Here is some information about their program.

  • They are in 12 countries currently and looking to add new countries. The newest country to be added is Brazil. All the Asian countries are considered high risk areas for Christians. Visits and discussions are taking place as leadership considers expanding to new areas in Asia and Africa.
  • They have 46 U.S. partner churches. A partner church challenges the congregation to sponsor all or a large majority of the kids at a local site.  One recent example is the Morris EFC in Minnesota sponsored over 60 children at a new location in the Philippines.
  • There are 3,200 individuals who sponsor children. Sponsorships are $39 a month.
  • There are 5,200 children who are sponsored. They want to add another 5,000 children in the next four years.
  • There are 600 kids who are waiting to be sponsored.
  • Many of these children are vulerable and at a great risk of malnutrition, lack of education, human trafficking, and living in spiritual darkness. Sponsorship lowers these risks while providing hope for a better future.
  • In some of the sites, church planters serve as care workers. All the care workers are required to regularly visit the children in their homes so it is a great way to meet family members. In many locations Bible studies and even churches have been started by these church planters.


So what can we do?

Pray for…

  • the GlobalFingerprints program. You can pray for the national staff who lead the programs. Pray for the site coordinators, who are the link between the field and the local church and the child sponsors.
  • the children who are sponsored. If you sponsor a child, you might be the only person who regularly prays for this child.




Steve Austvold