Dear Pastors and Mission Leaders,

Greetings in Christ. This past June held the first in-person EFCA ONE Conference in four years. It was great being together and hearing updates from around the world. In this letter I want to highlight some of what I heard from ReachGlobal. Enjoy reading these updates.

  • There are 540 ReachGlobal missionaries serving in 40 countries. They now have 30 new
    candidates. There is still a great need for more workers to join ReachGlobal.
  • Haiti is closed now to teams. They once had 26 teams a year going there.
  • There are now 300 Tabitha centers in Kinshasa with 6,000 women getting training.
  • There are ongoing needs in Ukraine for funds and for prayer.
  • APEX wants kids to come to experience life on the mission field. Their goal is to raise up 100
    long-term missionaries for ReachGlobal.
  • Taiwan is 4% Christian and there is freedom to share the gospel. Come as church planters or
    English teachers. Go to the Taiwan Initiative for an informative video and more.
  • 40,000 people have gone on a Crisis Response team.
  • In MENA, Middle East North Africa, they are opening a new field. I am not naming the country
    for security reasons. People in the Middle East are hungry for relationships.
  • There is a new church planting team in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Global Fingerprints has 17-19 church plants in Vietnam.
  • Need ideas on raising up new missionaries? – Know your ministry partners, go visit them, grow in your
    understanding of missions. Have them serve 1-2 years as an intern and serve in your church
    before going into missions. Ask them to take the Perspectives course. Encourage your youth
    pastor to have a heart for missions. Get missionaries up front in your worship service.
  • Help short-term teams learn to share the gospel. Have them read a mission biography. Then
    share the story with the team.
  • Send your church newsletters to your missionaries.
  • Church plants can start with missions. One person could give $300 a year as a starter.
  • Always listen to a missionary’s call, hear their story, even if you will not support them.
  • The next mission leaders network meeting is January 8-10, 2024 in Florida.

Steve Austvold