Greetings in Christ.  At the end of February, Kathy and I had the opportunity to attend the ReachGlobal Asia Division conference, since Kathy is a part of this division.  This was their first conference in-person in four years.  In this letter I want to share some updates from them about the world of missions.

There are three people groups in the world today:  (The third term is new to me.)
– Unengaged people: Where the Gospel is not known. It is unavailable.  There are 1700 unengaged people groups.  One-half are deaf people groups.  Two-thirds of workers here are nationals.  Romans 15:20-21.
– Unreached people: (The gospel is rare here). There is 2% or less presence of the gospel.  This is mostly where ReachGlobal workers are located.
– Unclear people: They are confused with the gospel.  The gospel here is twisted.  Think of Latin America and Africa.  Confusion comes from focusing on the prosperity gospel, being works based, legalism, gospel add-ons and syncretism.

EFCA Mission statement:  We exist to glorify God by multiplying transformational churches among all people.

Church mobilization in the USA with ReachGlobal Asia:
– We are looking beyond just financial support; we want to collaborate with EFC churches.
– ReachGlobal is working together with Asia churches focusing on Taiwan.
– Asia is looking for more long-term workers.

ReachGlobal Asia wants to have collaborate partnerships in the following areas:

– GlobalFingerprints with their child sponsorship program.  GlobalFingerprints is in five Asian countries.  All of them are difficult places to reach.
– Crisis Response is helping with major disasters, i.e., developing relationships with partners in Pakistan to help after their flooding.
– Bible Pathways Training.  Many training sites are already happening in South Asia. This is where US pastors and ReachGlobal staff come and teach one-week long Bible courses to national pastors.
– Apex is looking for young adults to come and join the Tokyo team for the summer.

Steve Austvold