Dear Pastors and Mission Leaders,

Greetings in Christ.  Last month I wrote about short-term teams.  This month is part two.  There are questions that short-term teams need to ask and resources that they need in order to be safe and protected.  This letter covers some items to consider when you lead a short-term team.

  • Questions to ask:  Why, when and where should you send a short-term team?   Read the ReachGlobal Short-Term Teams Questions page.  They also have related resources for adult and minor liability release forms.
  • 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Missions Trip by Shane Stacey.  From EFCA Blog.  This is worth reading.  It should make your short-term team even better.
  • Peacemakers for short-term teams:  Imagine having conflict on your short-term team.  It can happen due to many factors.  Peacemakers has a pamphlet that introduces peacemakers.  You can buy a packet of ten brochures.  It is worth going over these truths with your team.
  • Short-term team insurance:  This should be a requirement for short-term teams traveling internationally.  There are different groups that sell this insurance.  We have been pleased with the volunteer short-term team insurance from Gallagher Insurance at $3.30 per person per day.
  • Daily Team Meetings:  Our teams try and meet twice daily on the field.  The morning meeting is devoted to Bible study, prayer and sometimes singing.  Our evening get-together has two focuses.  One is God sightings.  How did we see God work today through answered prayer, the Word, meetings with people etc… Secondly, we ask what did you learn about culture today?  What stood out?  These questions help to keep the team focused and tuned in to cultural observations.
  • Security Issues:  Know what is happening in the country that you are planning to visit.  Is it safe to travel there?  Talk through security issues before going.  Get this information from your nationals or staff.  Find out what is appropriate to post on the internet including photos and where you will be going.

Steve & Kathy Austvold, EFCA Mission Mobilizers
Serving the NCD, NPD, and Beyond