Greetings in Christ.  Muslims today make up approximately 1.8 billion of the world’s population.  They are the fastest growing religious group by birthrate.  Some of you probably have good Muslim friends and know ministries that reach out to them.  Last year, it is estimated that one million Christians around the world used the 30 Days of Prayer booklet to pray for Muslims during Ramadan. This resource is an excellent start for getting acquainted with Islam and Muslims who live in your community and around the world.

Why Should I Pray for Muslims?  For 25 years, has been calling the North American church to learn about and to pray for Muslims and to embrace our world’s Muslim neighbors with faith, hope and love.  It is part of an international movement of believers in over 30 countries who pray for Muslims during Ramadan.  Many Christians pray for Muslims throughout the year.  Ramadan is a great time to pray for them as they are more deeply aware of spiritual matters.  Join the largest international call for Christians to pray for our Muslim neighbors during Ramadan.

30 DAYS OF PRAYER: This year Ramadan is May 6-June 4th.  Muslims will pray and fast during the 30 days of Ramadan. Millions of Christians around the world and churches from many denominations will have a prayer focus on the Muslim world.   Our church has used this booklet for several years and has given out copies free to our families.  The booklet is written with 30 days of daily devotionals set to follow Ramadan this year.  The booklet (English or Spanish version) each day focuses on a different region of the Muslim world.  It gives a short story with suggested prayer points.  It is easy to read.  It also gives information about Ramadan and other resources for further study.  Additionally, a children’s version of this booklet is published for families to use with their children.  Quantity discounts are available when ordering the booklets.  To learn more and order, go to World Christian at

Other Prayer Booklets:  15 Days of Prayer for the Buddhist World is also available.  Any 15 days in the year can be set aside for praying for them.  15 Days of Prayer for the Hindu World is for October 20-November 3, 2019.  Booklets can be ordered from

Steve & Kathy Austvold