Greetings in Christ.  From time to time there are different mission resources that I like to recommend.  It is time again to recommend these mission related resources and booklets on prayer that you will find helpful for your mission team and hopefully, for your congregation.  Please check these out.


Prayer Guides from Waymakers

Their website has many resources including free PDF’s, apps, and brochures for purchase. Here are some highlights:

Seek God for the City  This is a booklet to pray for 40 days during Lent.  This year they only have an app for the booklet from 2022.  It is a good resource to use to pray for your city.  It can be ordered for .99 cents from the App store, Google Play, or Amazon.


“Prompts for Prayer Walkers”  – This booklet provides portions of scripture with “street-tested” prayers to encourage you and your friends to pray for your community with passion and persistence. Ideal for introducing the concept of prayer walking or boosting the prayers of veterans with fresh prayer ideas. ($2)


“Open My City” – Pray your city open to Christ with life-giving prayers of hope. Select scriptures provide practical ways to pray for your neighbors, friends, and co-workers in preparation for special seasons of gospel declaration and harvest. This includes ideas about how to begin prayer walking, how to launch “lighthouses” and how to offer prayer for your neighbors. ($2)


“Prayer Walking: Praying On Site with Insight”   – Prayer walking is praying in the very places we expect God to bring forth the answers to our prayers. Learn how to prayer walk and get equipped to help others cover their community by praying nearer to pray clearer. ($9)



Thirty Days of Prayer for the Muslim World 

It is time again to order this booklet. This is a great introduction on how to pray for Muslims during Ramadan on March 19th – April 18th. Booklets are $3.00 each with quantity discounts. Our church orders them each year.