After a year’s hiatus, the North Central District’s Fall Teaching Conference kicked off in a big way. We invited Dr. Scott Manetsch, the Chair of the Church History Department and Professor of Church History at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He shared with those in attendance Lessons in Life and Ministry from Martin Luther.

Dr. Manetsch explained the grey zones in human history. These were the transition periods from one era in to another. He helped attendees understand how we are now living in one of those grey zones today, with the anxiety and confusion many feel concerning fundamental realities such as identity, purpose, and truth. Dr. Manetsch encouraged a return to the fundamental truth of the gospel, and the incalculable value of knowing and being known by Jesus as the existential anchor in the current cultural chaos. He expressed the need for loving and courageous leadership in these grey zones of history.

The conference closed with a call and challenge to finish well by relying on the authority of God’s Word to guide, understanding suffering as a natural part of the christian life, and remembering we have the victory in Christ. Our fight is simply to endure in the faith. You can listen (or re-listen) to the sessions below.

Josiah Barrett and Tom Vang led the attendees in a God-glorifying, spirit-enriching time of prayer, praise, and worship. It was indeed a blessing to once again participate in the Fall Teaching Conference.


Session 1 – “Grey Zones in History” by Scott Manetsch

Session 2 – “Luther Discovers the Gospel… and Gets Into Trouble” (Audio not captured)

Session 3 – “From Wittenberg, to Worms, to Wartburg… and Beyond” by Scott Manetsch

Sesson  – “Luther’s Legacy” by Scott Manetsch