Andrea Tyson

Women in Ministry


As Director for Women in Ministry, Andrea Tyson will build up the women in ministry leadership in the NCD as she invests, coaches, refreshes, and equips women for God’s glory and their good. Andrea graduated from the University of Northwestern and Providence Theological Seminary. She served as a Director for Women’s Ministries for 14 years before joining a church plant in 2021 where she currently serves full-time as the Director for Community Life and Women’s Discipling. She is passionate about making disciples who make disciples, so this part-time role to pour into people who pour into others is an expression of her heart and ministry philosophy. The gospel motivates her to share her life and the gospel, love and live God’s Word, and have meaningful conversations for people’s joy and progress in the faith. In spare time, Andrea enjoys simple things like going on walks, hanging out in a tree hammock, traveling, playing games, being inspired by decorating shows, and eating raised vanilla sprinkled doughnuts.