Purity Resources

“I need help with sexual purity! Where can I turn?”


In today’s sexualized society, with instant fingertip access to internet pornography, the commitment of
our district family is to help each other experience the freedom and power that come with trusting and
obeying Jesus’ wisdom about human sexuality and purity.  In keeping with that commitment and our
culture of mutual support, the North Central District offers three resources to encourage our pastors
and ministry leaders to avail themselves of help by getting beyond the fear of losing one’s job. If you or
another pastor that you care about is stumbling and struggling with pornography, please reach out and
make use of one or more of these resources. We want you to experience renewed purity, freedom,
power, and joy!

A Fellow Pastor

One of our district pastors, who has himself walked a pathway back to sexual purity, is offering
confidential and accountable “alongside” help—a listening ear, encouragement, counsel, and
guidance—to fellow male pastors. He has a heart for and is reaching out to men in ministry who need a
way to get their struggle out of the secrecy and to men who need another layer of accountability for
what they know they should do but haven’t been able to figure out how to approach it. You can read his letter
to fellow pastors on our website. He invites you to contact him at his confidential email address,

Pure Desire Ministries

The North Central District has entered into partnership with Pure Desire Ministries to provide an array
of resources to pastors, church leaders, and congregations. While all of PDM’s standard resources will
be more accessible to churches through this partnership, a specialized resource, Pure Desire Leaders,
will also be available to most full-time ministry staff members. Pure Desire Leaders provides discounts
on PDM’s resources, direct consultation and coaching, anonymous access, counseling and clinical
treatment, and more. Further information is available at Pure Desire’s website.

Pure Desire Discount codes

In addition to confidential coaching, consulting, and professional
counseling, Pure Desire Leaders offers many resources in print and video
as well as training events. Our district family receives a discount on these
resources when they are utilized individually by pastors or ministry staff,
or when a larger quantity of materials is ordered by a church or a group of
individuals from the church is registered for an event.
Product Discount: P15EFNC
Event Registration: E100EFNC 
Counseling Discount: C25EFNC

Project Purity

Launched in 2010, this is an abiding resource that may be accessed at any time. Together with various
resources, it offers a pathway toward purity, with the help of a professional counselor, that is both
confidential and accountable. Find the Project Purity resource packet (Word PDF) on our website.

711 10th Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55415


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