Note: While the EFCA and NCD do not necessarily endorse everything in these resources, they can be very useful in the placement process when used with care and discernment.


The EFCA placement website is Non-EFCA pastors: please read “How Does a Non-EFCA Pastor Inquire About Ministry Within the NCD?” in this section before enrolling on MinisterConnection.

John Cionca’s website has some very helpful resources.


The following books can be obtained through NextStep Resources at (800-444-2665).

For Pastoral Search Committees

Help! We Just Lost our Pastor by Ken Moberg
An overall strategy for searching for a new pastor. Systematic, practical, and wise, this resource is promoted throughout the EFCA as a helpful guide to search committees.

Confirming the Pastoral Call by Joseph Umidi
Practical, helpful insights for both churches and candidates.

How to Choose a Youth Pastor by Paul Borthwick
Very useful in the search for a youth pastor. This book is out of print, but can be borrowed from our office by NCD churches.

In Search of a Leader by Robert W. Dingman
The scope of this book is broader than a pastoral search committee, but it is helpful nevertheless. If your church’s search committee has not yet been formed, check out chapter 3 of this book for valuable suggestions on how to form it.

When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search by Chris Brauns
Brauns emphasizes the need to base the search on Biblical principles and to seek a pastor who will preach the Bible well. You will find helpful insights, practical suggestions, and useful recommendations of other resources.

For Pastoral Search Candidates

Confirming the Pastoral Call by Joseph Umidi
A brief and helpful overview of the process of pastoral searches.

Moving On, Moving Forward: A Guide for Pastors in Transition by Michael J. Anthony and Mick Boersma
A comprehensive exploration of the issues involved in making a pastoral transition.

Before You Move: A Guide to Making Transitions in Ministry by John Cionca
Thoroughly explores matters of pastoral transition from inward heart issues to outward planning and action.