Pastoral Leadership: A Challenging Role in a Changing Church & Culture

2013--8Pastors Teaching Conference,              Oct. 7-8, 2013

Here’s an invitation to join us for next month’s Pastors Teaching Conference.  Our speaker this year is Leith Anderson, former lead pastor at Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, and currently president of the National Association of Evangelicals.

We are really pleased that Leith will be us.  He brings a wealth of wisdom to the conference.  His many years as local-church pastor, his familiarity with the evangelical sub-culture in the USA, and his grasp of the secular culture have equipped him well to equip us well.  Leith’s faithful tenure at Wooddale—spanning more than thirty years—was characterized by church health, cultural engagement, fruitful evangelism, and productive church-planting.  He led the congregation through numerous changes and has seen most of what there is to see in local-church ministry.  His wisdom, expressed in his weekly ministry, his speaking, and his writing, is respected across the evangelical landscape.

Leith will address us on several important pastoral themes, including pastoral leadership, personal perseverance, evangelism, church planting, and practical ministry.  Following each of his four messages there will be opportunity for questions.

Leith’s wife, Charleen, will also be at the conference.  She will enjoy informal fellowship throughout, and she will host two group conversations for pastors’ wives.  Like Leith, Charleen has a long and fruitful tenure in local-church life, and she has much wisdom to share.  So we extend a special invitation to pastors’ wives to attend this year’s conference.

There’s a fountain of wisdom at this year’s conference.  May God’s Spirit enable us to drink deeply from it.  I hope you can come share in it.