Kelley Johnson

Kelley Johnson

Pastoral Care

Kelley Johnson, along with his wife Jola, serves the district in a ministry of Pastoral Care, helping pastors and their wives survive and thrive in life and ministry. Through prayer, listening, and a ministry of presence, their heart is to shepherd shepherds. The Johnsons currently live in Hector, MN, and have two adult children. Kelley has a unique background in both ministry and law enforcement, having degrees in both. Following a 24-year career in law enforcement, Kelley has been serving with the NCD in Pastoral Care since 2008, with a focus on rest, coaching, encouragement, and sabbaticals. His nose (or his ears) can often be found in a good book or audiobook, having recently experienced a renewed love for reading, while his hands are often dirty from tending his gardens. Jola also shares a love of good books and has served the Hector community as a librarian for over 30 years. Her wisdom and compassion are coupled with a listening ear and a caring heart.

Guiding Pastors into God’s Presence

Pastoral care is not just about helping pastors and their spouses survive and thrive in ministry. Pastoral care is about guiding pastors and their spouses into the presence of God for God’s sake. We don’t exist simply to make survivors out of ministers. We exist that God would be glorified and pleased with the lives of pastors. Pastoral care is about guiding pastors and their spouses into a deeper love relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. That’s the bottom line of pastoral care.

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What We Offer


We encourage every pastor to develop a prayer team. Lois and I (Jim) discovered years ago that devout believers who were willing to pray with us and for us were essential to our spiritual well being and longevity in ministry.  Pastor Chris Johnson (Waseca, MN – Christ Cmty Church) remembers the day he said, “If only I would have had a prayer team.” Read his story here.


Much of what we do is simply being an ear, seeking to hear with the heart of Christ. In some cases this involves guided verbal processing.

Sabbath Rest Retreats

These seminars equip and motivate pastoral couples to enjoy a weekly Sabbath experience in their ministries, while enjoying the beauty at Time Bay Retreat Center. We invite you to join us at our next Sabbath Retreat. For more general information

Dennis Wadsworth, (Fertile, MN – Hope EFC) attributes his joy in ministry to his weekly Sabbath time:

I love being a Pastor. I really do and I realize that I do not always feel this way.  Pastoral ministry can be very difficult at times.  It can be emotionally draining, time consuming, physically demanding, and sometimes it can crush me spiritually.  In seminary we were counseled to ‘keep on keeping on’ through difficult times and remember our call from God.  The primary thing that reminds me of that call is the connection I experience with Him during my regular Sabbath time.  Right now in ministry that is very important to me but there are other benefits as well.”

Pastor’s Wives Getaways

These are times to simply be a sister with your sisters for a couple days and spend time at Jesus’ feet, times to laugh, talk, shop, eat, and sit by a fire. Get away with the Lord and your sisters and let Him put it all back into perspective. Getaways are a time to just be you and be loved for it without doing a thing.


Need someone to fill the pulpit? Give us a call. We can continue a sermon series or provide pastoral care focused messages to your church, messages that increase their awareness of your needs and how they can better care for you.


Through effective coaching/mentoring relationships we can often come to understand ourselves more accurately, sometimes through training in Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. This can help to move us toward greater maturity in our relationships with God, our spouse, and the people we serve.

Sabbatical Prep and Coaching

A sabbatical can be a period of refreshment and growth n the life of a pastor, but planning one can feel like a daunting task. Having someone to walk with you up to and even through a Sabbatical can be helpful. To see how beneficial a sabbatical can be look at an interview with Pastor Ty Spenst (Plainview, MN – Trinity EFC).

Leadership Training

Helping leadership teams understand the basic principles of Biblical pastoral care and the value of caring for their pastor.

Pastoral Care Training

How should a church care for its pastors? Pastoral Care provides training for churches and leadership team son the topic of how a church should care for their pastor. This training can be done in a variety of ways designed to suit the individual needs of a church. One method is the preaching of “the Care and Feeding of Shepherds,” a message crafted to make the body of a church more aware of the needs of their pastors. Topics include setting and protecting boundaries, salary questions, prayer teams, and encouragement.


While we are not counselors in the professional sense, we can bring Biblical counsel into certain situations. We are also fully aware that some situations require professional expertise and we are willing to refer if needed.

Biblical Peacemaking

The Pastoral Care team is trained and experienced in Biblical  peacemaking provided through Peacemaker®  Ministries . We can provide conflict coaching, mediation, and help in resolving church conflict.