If we could sit down with each of you over coffee, or with several of you in a retreat setting, what would we share with you?

It would be something that’s on our hearts. That’s what you’ll find us writing about each month in this portion of our website—something important to us, something we’re thinking about, something vitally connected to life and ministry.

Here you may find a principle of church ministry, a theological reflection, a grappling with culture, a book review, a case study, or a challenge to action. We’ll be speaking especially to pastors and church leaders, sharing thoughts that are in some way strategically related to healthy and fruitful leadership in the church.

Frequently the On Our Hearts article will link to the NCD blog, inviting your response and interaction with what you read here. Tell us what you think. Let other NCD leaders hear and benefit from your perspective.

Look for something new On Our Hearts each month.