No spiritually strategic life can be lived on the flesh level

A few months ago, a dear friend of mine sent me an article from the early 1930s entitled, The New Life,  Talks with Christians on Practical Victory, by Captain Reginald Wallis (originallyTom headshot 6-2012 published by Loizeaux Brothers, Neptune, NJ 1932). It is directed to new Christians, yet at a time when so many in all echelons of Christian ministry lack complete freedom and victory in Christ, I commend it to you as a very practical help for all of us. Here are several excerpts, which I hope will whet your appetite to dig into it’s content for yourself.

“The victorious Christian life is A PERSON, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Unceasing victory is possible for every believer. True victory is never a hardship to be endured. It is a life to be enjoyed and radiated.”

“Faith never struggles for victory. Faith stands in victory and combats the forces of darkness from a victory position. Indeed, it is sadly possible to have a very high doctrine and a very low practice.”

“He is your very life. The victorious Christian life is just the life of the victorious Christ. There is only one Person in the wide universe who can live such a life and that is Christ Himself. The triumphant Christian does not fight for victory, but celebrates a victory already won. The last gasp of the self-life will be the first breath of the new.”

“I am responsible to appropriate the victory that God offers over all conscious sin, and immediately I fail to abide in Christ – with its resultant defeat I become blamable, and need to confess my sin before my Lord. Complete victory over sin is available through a moment by moment reckoning of our crucifixion and resurrection with Christ. It is not that the believer is NOT ABLE to sin, but that he is ABLE NOT to sin.”

No spiritually strategic life can be lived on the flesh level.

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