How Does An EFCA Pastor Search For A New Ministry Position?

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When you go online to create a personal profile, you will be walked step-by-step through a helpful exercise to identify a number of your personal and ministerial characteristics. This web-based placement database for the Evangelical Free Church of America allows churches who are seeking a pastoral staff member to have access to a significant pool of prospective candidates who are compatible with the EFCA.

Who Should Create a Profile?

Whether you are inwardly open to change or actively seeking new placement (this includes potential church planters), we hope you will consider establishing a personal profile in our national placement database.


You have the option of levels of visibility and/or availablity to churches


  • Visible: Your full profile (name, preferences and details) is visible to administrators, district placement directors and any churches to which you’ve been matched or recommended.
  • Concealed: Your identifying information (name, contact information, current role) will be concealed and anonymized. If you are open to considering or seeking a new position, you may be matched in church position searches, but district placement directors and churches will only see an anonymized version of your matching profile. District placement directors and churches can request your information, and you must accept their request before your identity is revealed to them. (Note:Administrators and your assigned district placement director will have access to all details you provide.)


  • Unavailable: You are unavailable for placement. You will not be matched with any churches, and your profile is only viewable by a national office administrator and your assigned district placement director.
  • Open to considering:  You are not seeking placement, but you would consider a new position. All positions can match to you, and churches can see answers you provided in your matching profile.
  • Seeking: You are actively seeking placement. All positions can match to you, and churches can see answers you provided in your matching profile.

To change your settings, click on your name while logged into the application. From that menu, choose “Change Settings.” Here you can update your visibility and also your availability settings. 

See for Yourself

You can familiarize yourself with what Pastor Search offers by reading through the often asked questions on the help site page.

You can also see a preview of a candidate profile here.


See the fee schedule for more information. Fees for EFCA pastors are $35 and $75. Note: paying the fee does not guarantee that your profile will be accepted after initial screening or that you will be matched to a position.

How to Get Started