How Does An EFCA Pastor Search For A New Ministry Position?

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When you go online to create a personal profile, you will be walked step-by-step through a helpful exercise to identify a number of your personal and ministerial characteristics. This web-based placement database for the Evangelical Free Church of America allows churches who are seeking a pastoral staff member to have access to a significant pool of prospective candidates who are compatible with the EFCA.

Who Should Create a Profile?

Whether you are inwardly open to change or actively seeking new placement (this includes potential church planters), we hope you will consider establishing a personal profile in our national placement database.


You have the option of four levels of confidentiality with your profile:

  • Actively seeking placement: A church can directly access your file.
  • Open to considering placement: You can be matched and contacted by gatekeepers. Your name and profile will not be shared with a church unless you give permission.
  • Not seeking placement: Your profile can be accessed in potential position searches, but is not available to the church without your permission and that of your chosen gatekeeper.
  • Unavailable for placement: Your name is completely blocked from matching, but your profile can be accessed by your chosen gatekeeper with your permission to discuss your current position compatibility, leadership style, doctrinal position, or possible matches in other positions.

A more thorough explanation about the graduated degrees of confidentiality is offered on the website.

See for Yourself

You can familiarize yourself with the website and what a pastoral profile is all about by reading the home page and then taking the free tour.


See the fee schedule for more information. Fees for EFCA pastors are $60 and $120. Note: paying the fee does not guarantee that your profile will be accepted after initial screening or that you will be matched to a position.

How to Get Started

  • Go online to
  • Read the information on the home page
  • Go to Candidate Login
  • Go to Create New Account

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