How Does A Non-EFCA Pastor Inquire About Ministry Within The NCD?

Send us an email at telling us of your interest in ministry placement in the NCD. Summarize the following information in the e-mail:

  • Your ministry experience (attach your resume, too)
  • The kind of ministry position you seek: senior pastor, solo pastor, associate pastor, youth pastor, children’s pastor, etc.
  • The church size you think you would fit best in
  • Your geographical fit: are you rural (less than 3000), small town (less than 10,000), or larger city?
  • Your reasons for wanting to leave your present ministry
  • Two or three references whom we may contact if we wish. If possible, include a pastor in the EFCA who is acquainted with you.

Thank you for providing this information. If we are interested in talking with you further, we will contact you and tell you what your next step should be. We ask that you not enroll on Pastor Search without doing the above step and without our advising you to create a Pastor Search profile.

Thank you for your interest in the EFCA. May the Lord Jesus give you wisdom and guidance as you explore ministry placement under his headship over the church.