Motivated by our shared gospel mission and deep biblical convictions, our NCD Board of Directors has established the North Central Foundation.

Our Goal

The goal of this initiative is simple: to provide ministry grants to NCD congregations for the purpose of church revitalization and church multiplication. Over the next several years, we hope to raise and give away $1,000,000 for this project.  Our district has never done something quite like this; please pray with us as we move forward together. Likewise, we know that this a modest investment.  Much more is needed to strengthen existing churches and start new ones.

Foundation Grants

Foundation grants are only given to NCD churches, and are used to help fund strategic ministry actions like

  • Pastoral residents and ministry interns
  • Church assessment and peacemaking support
  • New church plants and church planting residents
  • All people initiatives and evangelism training
  • Leadership retreats and preaching workshops
  • AV equipment, facility renovation, etc.

We invite churches to view the Foundation as a missions outreach and to regularly invest a portion of the church’s missions budget in the Foundation. Likewise, we invite NCD pastors and church leaders to invest regulary in this project from their own personal resources. We need your partnership, invite your financial support, and look forward to hearing your ministry grant suggestions.

If you have questions or would like to suggest a ministry grant for one of our NCD congregations, please reach out to Paul Anderson, NCD Director of Resource Development and Administration, at