With sad but supportive hearts our district staff team recently said farewell to our beloved part-time coworker Mindy Warland.  She was approached with a full-time job offer in the marketplace and concluded that it was providential and timely and will serve her family well.  She began her new job on April 1.

Mindy came to us 16 years ago from the Hope Community Church leadership training pathway.  From the start she brought a wonderful set of values and skills that have served the staff team and the district very fruitfully.  She has overseen district finances and HR, carried out a variety of research and administrative work, supported technology, and served as a trained peacemaking mediator.

Mindy has been a team player and unity builder.  Her love for Christ and his church is always evident.  Her tender heart, thoughtful mind, and diligent follow-through have enriched our team’s fellowship and labors.  And the neighborhood visits to our office from her husband Rob and their three children have added sparkle to our workdays.

We will miss Mindy greatly but support her in this move and wish her all the best!

Interested in this position?  Contact Brian Farone.