Transformation Prayer Ministries

June 7 - 8, 2019

We have the rare opportunity to receive world-class training for free in one of the world’s most wide-spread prayer ministries. On June 7-8, New Hope Church will host the Transformation Prayer Ministry Training Seminar, taught by Dr. Ed Smith, who has been at the head of Transformation  Prayer for over 20 years. Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM for short) takes its name from Romans 12:2, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” At the core, TPM exposes lies that we believe about ourselves or about God.

The focus of the new “Transformation Prayer Ministry” is on equipping every member of the Body of Christ. TPM provides a frame of reference for viewing life difficulties from a heavenly perspective and offers an organized, teachable method of cooperating with God in His refining work.


The conference is free to attend, but you do need to register.  Visit  and select Minneapolis as your conference location. If you have any questions, call 763-971-5119 or write to