Rural & Small Town Pastors & Wives’ Retreat

February 12 - 14, 2023

Rural and small-town pastors in the North Central District face a unique set of challenges while having a unique set of benefits. While operating in close-knit communities with tight social structures can build strength, these same structures can lead to isolation for both pastors and their wives. This isolation, especially in light of the current social climate, can feel very debilitating.

At the Rural Pastors and Wives Retreat, there will be times to connect, share, pray, rest, and play. At this retreat, you will meet other people that resonate with your circumstances and are willing to walk with you. You will hear stories of shared struggle and stories to bring hope and encouragement. Our prayer is that you will have a new understanding and passion for the importance of what you do in the place God has called you to and are given a new community with which to share the struggles of life and ministry.

Come prepared to let God and His people minister to you as we share together. Contact Dan Moose ( for further details.