February 21-23, 2023

Moving Toward Montgomery  –  an NCD trip to see ground truth on race & ethnicity

We are inviting a small group of NCD pastors and church leaders to Montgomerey, AL for the third year. The goal of our trip is simple; we want to see ground truth on race and ethnicity. We want to grow in our understanding of our nation’s troubling, mixed history. Most of all, we want to wrestle with these issues and think about how to lean toward them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Not sure if this trip is for you? Here are a few key questions to help you decide if God might be leading you to join us.

– Do you want (need?) to grow in your understanding of our history on race and ethnicity?
– Have you recognized your need to better understand how these issues affect your congregation and community?
– Could God be leading you to help our NCD family of churches make gospel-shaped progress in this area?
– Are you looking for safe people and a safe place to see ground truth and wrestle with these issues?

If you are interested in hearing more about the trip, or more broadly, the issues it is intended to shed light upon, please reach out to any of our NCD staff. We would love to share more about the trip and to discuss issues. To register a group from your church, reach out to Sharon Trucker in our district office.