EFCA One Golf Event

June 19, 2023

The DS Golf Challenge is an event hosted by the EFCA’s 17 district superintendents on Monday, June 19th, the day before the EFCA One conference begins this summer in Fullerton, California.

Gathering at the Western Hills Country Club in Chino Hills, this event will be a four-person scramble with each district fielding a team. Other teams will be accepted as availability allows (there’s a $1,000 entry fee/donation per team).

The Challenge is NOT to determine which district wins bragging rights but how much money can the DSs raise TOGETHER to stimulate church planting, raising awareness as well as funding for each district’s church planting initiatives…until the next EFCA One conference comes along, two years later.

Our fundraising goal is $250,000 with an initial $50,000 to be given to one district on the Wednesday of the EFCA One conference through a random drawing. The rest of the money raised will be divided equally between all seventeen.

Each district is priming the pump with their own $1,000 team entry fee. They’re also looking throughout their districts for additional Hole Sponsorships of $1,000 and Clubhouse Sponsorships of $5,000 (or more)…illustrating, we ARE better together.

There will also be a free-will offering opportunity during the conference, inviting every conferee to join in on the Challenge.


Reach out to Dan Moose or Brian Farone if you are intersted in more information.

dan.moose@ncdefca.org           brian.farone@ncdefca.org