2020 District Conference Part 2: In Person Gathering (registration required)

August 31, 2020

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District Conference 2020 part 2 will be held at Camp Shamineau


Join us for a relaxed, streamlined, in-person district conference on Monday, August 31. It will be a time of refreshment and reconnecting as a district family, especially amid the ongoing and wearying separation and isolation that we have all been experiencing in recent months.

To allow for drive time both coming and leaving, we will begin at 11 AM with an early lunch and conclude at 5 PM after an early supper combined with the Shamineau annual meeting.

Come reconnect and be refreshed through informal conversation, affinity groups, conducting district business, and a worship service.  Cast your vote in elections of district superintendent, church planting director, and district board members. Take action on important district bylaw revisions, including the revision of Article 9 of our Statement of Faith. Hear important district ministry updates and receive three new churches into our district family.

No matter the weather, Camp Shamineau is always a pleasant and refreshing venue. Health and safety protocols will be observed. Voting delegates will be given preference if attendance has to be limited. Delegates designated for the original district conference in April are still considered valid. If you need to change those designations or designate for the first time, download the form here.


If you (or your church leadership team) would like to stay overnight at Camp Shamineau before or after conference, send an email to guestservices@shamineau.org.



11:00             Lunch
12:15-1:45   Business session
1:45-2:00     Break
2:00-2:45     Groups
3:00-3:45     Worship service
4:00               Supper and Shamineau annual meeting