Too often we read about disciple-making and talk about disciple-making without following through and engaging in the actual process of disciple-making.

I’d like to offer you a resource in developing the skills of someone in your church through a hands-on apprenticeship.

Beginning in October 2016, I will be leading a couple groups of disciple-making apprentices through a training regimen that will equip them to envision and create access ministries, to identify potential “persons of peace” (Luke 10) through those ministries, and to facilitate Discovery Bible Study with believers and not-yet-believers alike, introducing them to Jesus Christ directly through the pages of Scripture.

The apprentice groups will meet every other week, with morning and evening options to accommodate different schedules.  During the group meetings, we will become proficient with the discovery process and engage in reporting prayer.  In between meetings, apprentices will practice regular rhythms of spiritual disciplines (prayer & fasting, time in the Word), and invest in outreach through access ministries utilizing betterment strategies, such as adult literacy, job training and life-skill development initiatives.

This apprenticeship pathway will be resourced by iDisciple, a ministry of CityTeam International.  At the “30,000 ft. level” group participants will be exercising fundamentals of Holy Spirit-empowered disciple-making movements.  Lord willing, our collaborative efforts may be anointed by God to spur multi-generational groups of disciples and disciple-makers, consistent with the EFCA Vision: We are praying that God will raise up one million disciple-makers impacting millions with the gospel … leading to new believers, equipped believers and transformation.”

Who am I looking for to be apprentices?  I am on the lookout especially for men and women who (1) want to engage with the harvest field; (2) gravitate toward ministry outside the four walls of the church; and (3) do not have many current ministry commitments.  Pastor, can you recommend to me such a person from your church?

As you entrust a prospective disciple-making individual or couple to this endeavor, we will trust God together to equip toward three dimensional maturity: growth, depth and sustainability as biblically obedient practitioners of disciple-making strategies; such as foundational prayer, personal connections & outreach, sowing broadly, and ultimately, fruitful addition and multiplication.  Please contact me with any questions or for further clarification.

Tom Mouw
NCD District Superintendent