We use a HIGHLY RELATIONAL DISCIPLE-MAKING approach for training the church planter and the core group together. This approach follows closely what Jesus did to prepare Himself for His earthly mission and prepare His disciples for their mission of making disciples. Training and mentoring are essential for this training that is driven by eight Biblical principles

  • Commitment demonstrated through the keeping of covenants and prayers.
  • God provides resources through tithes and harvest.
  • Cleansing from the Word by the Holy Spirit produces Christ-likeness.
  • Healthy relationships built as believers are equipped to be humble, gentle, patient, forbearing and diligent in preserving the unity we have in Christ.
  • Forms for functioning as united body must be biblically based, not business oriented.
  • Worship must always allow God to reveal more of Himself for man to be able to discover how greatly he needs him.
  • Disciple-making results in multiplication of new believers.
  • Multiplication of new believers results in the planting of new churches.

The core group training takes eight months to a year during which time the core group and the church planter develop the launch team, the core values and vision, small group ministry and other strategic ministry. The goal is to produce a church with a strong multiplying, disciple-making DNA.

We have developed Core Team Training materials of 23 lessons used by Core Teams.

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