Licensing / Certification / Ordination

We encourage our pastors and leaders to become credentialed.

The rationale for and benefits of credentialing are the following:
A. recognition of God’s calling to and gifting for vocational ministry,
B. interdependency between the local church, the district and the national office, to ensure a
commitment to and alignment of beliefs (Statement of Faith) and ethos,
C. accountability to the local church and to the denomination, both doctrinally and morally,
D. development educationally and personally, and
E. confirmed legal status by the IRS (through EFCA).

EFCA Credentialing

The EFCA website has complete information available on all aspects of credentialing. (Note: the NCD has two additional requirements for credentialing – please check out the NCD checklist as well.)

Certificate of Christian Ministry

Licensing – Vocational

Licensing – Ministry License – Expedited (for senior/lead pastors with 10+ years EFCA Ministry

Licensing – Ministry License – Five Year Non-Renewable (for senior/lead pastors with less than 10 years EFCA ministry)


Transfer of Ordination

NCD Credentialing Requirements

To help you in credentialing process, you can use the following NCD checklists.

Certificate of Christian Ministry

Licensing – vocational

Licensing – Expedited

Five year Non-Renewable


Transfer of Ordination

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