Sexual Purity: Do I Need Help?

We may continue to struggle with pornography, masturbation, fantasy and other sexual expressions because we do not believe we need outside help. Do you need help? Take the free online assessment available at the Pure Desire Ministries website.  Pure...

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Short Term Teams Part 2

Dear Pastors and Mission Leaders,Greetings in Christ.  Last month I wrote about short-term teams.  This month is part two.  There are questions that short-term teams need to ask and resources that they need in order to be safe and protected.  This...

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Short Term Teams

Dear Pastors and Mission Leaders, Greetings in Christ.  Short-term teams are one major way that churches are doing missions today.  Personally, I believe, that all young people at one time in their life should go on a short-term team.  How are your...

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What We Saw in Montgomery, Alabama

Each year, our EFCA District Superintendents come together for encouragement, fellowship, discussion, and prayer. These gatherings usually take place at the EFCA National Office here in Minnesota or Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois. This year,...

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30 Days of Prayer

Greetings in Christ.  Muslims today make up approximately 1.8 billion of the world’s population.  They are the fastest growing religious group by birthrate.  Some of you probably have good Muslim friends and know ministries that reach out to them. ...

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