Author: Tom Mouw

Disciple-Making Apprenticeship

Too often we read about disciple-making and talk about disciple-making without following through and engaging in the actual process of disciple-making. I’d like to offer you a resource in developing the skills of someone in your church through a hands-on...

In the Name of Jesus Ministry

I found myself quoting this brief little book AGAIN last night with a friend, so I’m dropping you a brief summary, more as a devotional thought than a book report, or even a commendation to read it … May these brief thoughts stimulate you today, in your genuine desire...

Why attend the NCD Conference?

Several reasons to come to the district conference March 16-17… You will hear from Dr Jan Hettinga with a wealth of pastoral experience, a practitioner who God has bless with a 20 church network of daughter and granddaughter churches, all shared humbly.  It was...

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