Year: 2015

Lessons from the Third World

In my search to understand why the Church is growing in many third-world countries and in places where there is rampant persecution of followers of Jesus, I read two books this summer: Killing Christians by Tom Doyle and Miraculous Movements by Jerry Trousdale.  I...

Recalibrating with EFCA Past and Future

EFCA One, the biennial national conference, was very meaningful to me this year.  Not that other national conferences haven’t been, but there was something extra special about this year’s.  The presidential transition, of course, was historic, and the training...

Making Hay this Summer

Many of you have heard the old farm idiom “make hay while the sun is shining.”  Most Minnesotans practice making hay while the sun is shining very well.  In fact, from Memorial Day till after Labor Day there are several ministries in every church that are put on hold...

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