Safe Families

Safe Families for Children (SFFC) is a network of Christian families that extends the community safety net by providing parents in need with a loving sanctuary for their children in the time of crisis. Founded in 2002 by LYDIA Home Association (EFCA), this new model of care for children and families in crisis has been adopted by hundreds of churches across the country by helping children live temporarily in the home of a church family while the parent’s medical, financial or job situation gets straightened out. The North Central District has partnered with Safe Families to help bring this into our churches throughout Minnesota as a example of “caring for the least of these.”

Check out the resources below to find out more about how your church can become part of this movement of compassion.

Introductory Letter from Tom Mouw

Unleashing the Family by Dr. Anderson

Ministry Leader Description

Case Coach Description

Family Friend Description

Hidden Treasures Article

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